A poem which uses the idea from a well known film - and given a slight twist.

Choose Christ

Choose Sunday mornings

Choose once a month Wednesdays

Choose a house group where you feel comfortable

Choose direct debit for your giving


Choose tea and biscuits

            bring and share lunches


            circuit services

and Local Ecumenical Partnerships

Choose sitting in the same pew for 37 years

            and only feeling stirred

            by the swell of your favourite hymns


Choose to accept that this is everything

            that your faith can be


                        Or maybe not ...


Choose something else

Choose something more

Choose the thrill of reading the gospels

Choose Holy Communion

            raising the hairs on the back of your neck

Choose to be a disciple

            a rebel                 a worker

Choose to put others before yourself

            to give more

            to love more

Choose to tell people  when their hatred is wrong

            when their prejudice hurts

            and when their ignorance turns them into fools


Choose to stand up for what your faith really means

Choose refugees

            the homeless

            the battered and bruised

Choose poverty and illness and death

Choose the light that you can shine into the darkest places

Choose to be the only voice of reason

            against a cacophony of tabloid bigotry


Choose to walk the extra mile

            to give everything you have

Choose mercy       kindness       and to walk humbly


Choose to make all the difference you can

            in all the ways and places and times you can


Choose to live an extraordinary life

            following an extraordinary Messiah

Choose holiness


Choose Christ